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Read what eyca youth panelist had to say!

The European Youth Card Association (EYCA), has invited the young EYCA panelist to a 3-day online training course. Participants, were provided with a document beforehand with all the relevant information, highlighting the program, objectives of the training, online tools that we, the panel, will be using, steps and requests to be prepared.

Our first online training course led by a professional co-ordinator, involved 11 youth panelists in total from across Europe.

The meeting kicked off with a round robin, so that we could familiarise ourselves with each other; other than that we had to introduce what was helping us cope during these strange times. I chose to show off my headphones, too many reasons why!

By means of music, I manage to shut off for a while what is happening around me, finding peace in the music I listen to whilst enjoying my very own company which gives me comfort and stability. Moreover, my headphones are allowing me to keep intouch with my closest ones and enable me to communicate with others such as during this online training.

The online training granted us the EYCA youth panelist to explore and discuss different approaches that might be very effective if adopted by the panel such as the collaborative approach, the inclusive approach, and the learner centered approach. .

As the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the key!’; a rule which we the youth panelist strongly believe in and will be our guided motivation to actually address and work upon matters that relate to us young people.

Mr Manel Sanchez ( Director of EYCA), claimed that as youth panelist we shall be the force of the young peoples voice to be heard by policy makers. It was very encouraging to follow previous youth panelist share their experiences; hence why we as an EYCA youth panelist want to keep bring forward what the first round of panelist have introduced and develop further our ideas in relation to the needs of the young people.

In my opinion being open, flexible and being able to adapt will allow me to be an effective member whilst embracing this new learning experience. A new learning experience which has already fed me with different realities that young people live on a daily basis in other EU countries, knowledge about the operations of a panel and much more ! 

Our vision, as an EYCA youth panel is that all young people have the possibility to engage in learning mobility opportunities and grow into active citizens.

Being part of the EYCA youth panel will allow me as Danelle, to gain relevant experience owed primarily to agencies like Aġenzija Żgħażagħ (the Maltese National Youth Agency), who collaborates with strong networks such as EYCA that believes in us young people and do their out most to give the possibility for the youth community to flourish and grow into active citizens in a healthy community.

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