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It’s time for a new hope for Europe, to rethink and reshape its future. The European Union has a lot of power to decide on many of the things that are important to you.

Our generation is facing big challenges such as the climate crisis, rising inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling such existential issues is urgent as the wide-ranged disruption they are causing will be felt for many years to come.

Meet the young people who are taking a stand!

Yahia stands for mental health

“I stand for raising awareness about mental health, meaning raising awareness not only about the silent struggles that each of us face during our lives, but also raising awareness about those often left out of the discussion, those with disorders who are not heard about as often, to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues and disorders. I would like for us as a society to reach a point where talking about our own mental health would be as normal as talking about a scratch or bruise, so that we get past the barrier of social stigma that deters many from seeking the help that they need.”

Klara stands for feminism

“feminism, rattles like a pink rattle crashing upon the pavement, enough to scratch it, never enough to break it. she’s afraid of the word “feminist” because she hasn’t lost anything to your hands as of yet. she will stop apologizing when she talks about it; she will stop giving way to you when you decide not to move; she is a woman. do not be afraid of this word because of its connotations – this word indicates the storms we are starting ourselves. she is a feminist. .”

venus stands for the environment

“With so much destruction of the natural world happening right before our eyes, I stand for environmental justice. Climate change and biodiversity loss has been amplified further due to human activities and we need immediate action to prevent it from progressing further. Viewing the planet as a profit-making machine has led us down the path of exploitation, both of the environment and of people. To survive and thrive, we will need to learn how to live harmoniously with nature in a system that prioritises environmental and human well-being.”

kim stands for body confidence

“Insecurities regarding our body are fuel for so many mental health disorders and impact our lifestyle overall. A negative body image is the main cause for eating disorders that can spiral out of control to the point where they are life threatening. Therefore I believe as a society we should encourage loving and respecting your own body for what it is and instead of focusing on all these fast diets, we should shift focus to leading a healthy lifestyle and being happy!”

kimberly stands for mental health

“Mental-Health is being spoken about more and more each day, but back when I was still a teenager I felt all alone. I rarely open up about struggles I have faced or struggles I currently face due to the stigmas associated but I am ready to take that step if it means I can help at least one person out there. There are plenty of topics which need to be discussed, stigmas which need to be erased and opportunities to grow.”

“I stand for nature . We are not realising that bit by bit we are killing ourselves and therefore human kind . Although we are not seeing this thing , we rely on nature for nearly everything and along the time we are experiencing more health problems and disadvantages which are leading to a lower fertility rate and more types of cancer . Let’s be the change and not the problem”

matthias stands for nature

jordan stands for art

“I stand for ART; all forms of art but more than anything MUSIC. Art is very much related to human experiences. Art gives something to the viewer and artist, something they both feel, or have both experienced in their life. Art involves experience other than the creativity and imagination capabilities of an individual, in order for you to actually maximize your talent and skill and with the thought of sharing it with others Experience is important.”

‘What’s the point of participating in the Conference of the Future of Europe?’
Young people can have a decisive impact if they share their views!

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