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meet the new maltese eyca youth panelist
Congratulations Danelle sciberras!!

Congratulations to Danelle for making it to be part of the EYCA Youth Panel !

As an EYCA Youth Panel member, Danelle will be asked to provide insights into the challenges, experiences and priorities of young Europeans today; she will also act as Youth Ambassadors for the European Youth Card – promoting the programmes and opportunities offered to your friends and peers.

Danelle's Comments

I want my voice to be heard and to determine positive change. I want to be active to support and create opportunities for young people across europe. Currently I am in a volunteering service in the Rural area in Romania and my project is about discovering local culture and educating young people in the community about culture by creating non formal activities in their schools, in the community and online.

I don’t have a lot of expectations but one of them is to make a positive difference in young people’s lives, in my country and other countries. I’ll do my best to be open to new opportunities, which will help us young people grow, enhance youth work practices and achieve the max to represent other young people. I am really excited and very looking forward to be part of this mission. Let the journey begin !”

The idea of the EYCA Youth Panel was proposed by a group of cardholders attending the EYCA Conference in Belgrade in 2017.

The Panel will work to offer the EYCA Board insights into the challenges young people face and will also receive support from EYCA to champion the causes they are passionate about.