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Human rights online campaign
campaign created by aġenzija żgħażagħ to recognize human rights 

The gap between what is and what should be is larger than previously thought. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document which claims that every human is born with 30 different rights.

But are these 30 in place and practiced or are they just a number, too many or few?

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ recognises and makes sure that human rights are adopted throughout its mission; hence why it has endorsed the idea of 3 young people who came forward seeking opportunities and ways on how to develop a ‘Human Rights’ online campaign.

The campaign was featured on Agenzija Zghazagh’s social media, whilst other youth workers made use of resources within youth cafes run by Agenzija Zghazagh to support offline activities relevant to this initiative. The campaign involved the participation of other parties not that of the youth ambassadors only, however one must note that all the material has been produced by the youth ambassadors.

Young people deriving from different walks of life were involved by presenting their own story related to human rights by being interviewed. More over the campaign encouraged young followers of our social media channels to interact during the campaign, as the campaign provided interactive sources to which the young people could share their views and opinions and initiate discussion.

On a weekly basis, the campaign featured a different human right and focused on matters related to the chosen human right. Each human right, also featured a particular event happening during the month i.e. where a specific topic is celebrated ex:  on the 28th April the world celebrated World Day for Safety and Health at work – so the chosen human right related to work.

This campaign proved to have a positive impact as it has been followed by and engaged many young people both online and offline.

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