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climate changes: truth does not
Opportunity for youth to reflect critically on climate change 

Agenzija Zghazagh, an active member of Eurodesk, EYCA and ERYICA,
has been supporting ERYICA’s campaign Climate changes. Truth doesn’t’.

Apart from disseminating the resources provided by ERYICA to support this campaign, Agenzija Zghazagh has taken the opportunity to involve EYCA card holders (9000+) in a series of questionnaires that related to climate change and repercussions that Covid-19 has presented allowing the young people to reflect critically and encourage youth advocacy about one of the hottest topics of the new decade: the climate emergency.

This initiative was carried by means of OPIN – a platform for youth e-Participation in Europe

The EYCA card holders, were invited to participate in an online survey which brought forward the following topics:

Travel Choices, Corona Virus and Climate Change (what do young people think in light of considerations raised by arguments raised in favour of greener travel and the impact of travelling less.)

What do we mean by shopping local? (When consumers buy local, they show preference to buy locally produced goods and services over those produced farther away, in our case from overseas).

Novel Coronavirus and Food Waste (The change in lifestyle caused by Novel Coronavirus has prompted us to change our eating habits. In very basic terms we have changed our ways of foraging (or sourcing) food).

The results of the participation have been shared with different youth organisations, other youth agencies, professionals working within the field, on different social media platforms and EYCA card holders aiming to create consciousness and awareness related to climate change.

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