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Call for 'Changemakers' to lead the 'Stand For More in 24' Campaign

Are you passionate about democracy and the EU? Do you want to get involved in helping shape our collective future? Do you think it’s important for young people to vote? If so, this is an opportunity for you!

We’re looking for 2 volunteers to take on the role of changemakers for our new European elections project called “Stand for More in 24”. The purpose of this project and the role of the changemakers is to increase the awareness, excitement and understanding of young people ahead of the European elections in 2024.

Check out the previous EYCA projects to get a feeling of how this campaign will be:
European elections youth campaign image

What will the Changemakers be doing?

  • Lead the organisation of two types of events linked to the European elections. The first type should be very informal and fun, focused on getting people interested in the EU elections. The second event type will be a debate between candidates and young voters. We’re looking for creativity in these events, to reach as many different young citizens as possible.
  • You’ll join a meeting in Torino, Italy from 24-28 July 2023 (all expenses paid) to get familiar with the project, the EU and the European elections. You’ll also get to know the other changemakers and exchange ideas with them. Online training sessions will also be organised throughout the project to provide you with skills and knowledge: media and communications; how to engage with the EU institutions; the science behind voting; etc.
  • 50 changemakers will be selected in total across Europe. You’ll each be working on your own events but you’ll be part of a large-scale campaign taking place across 17 different countries.
  • Above all, you’ll be helping shape European democracy. You’ll reach out to hundreds of young voters to get them excited and you’ll be in contact with candidate politicians for the European elections.
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What should the Changemakers profile be?

  • Aged between 18-23 years old and live in Malta.Eager to reach out to fellow young people; listen/speak to them about the European elections; and share your enthusiasm for youth participation.
  • Have a good level of English (to speak with the other changemakers across Europe).
  • Be engaged in the project from July 2023 to May 2024. You won’t be busy every day of course, but you should have the time to contribute to organising activities and joining other events.
  • Available from 24-28 July 2023 to join the kick-off training in Torino, Italy. It is vital that all changemakers are present for this meeting, as this is where we’ll explain everything about the campaign.
  • Be excited to get involved in shaping European democracy. Prior experience is not a requirement; your enthusiasm and willingness to get down to action are what count!
  • You should have a valid European Youth Card on the date you apply. To obtain an EYCA card, if you don’t already have one, please submit your online application here
  • You cannot be a representative or an affiliate of a political party.

How can you apply?

Step 1

Record a video about yourself (no longer than 2 minutes). Please tell us:

  • Why are you interested in joining this campaign focused on young people and the EU elections?
  • What are your ideas to reach out to young people to get them excited about voting?
  • How do you think this experience will help you? How can you contribute to making this experience helpful for everyone involved?

Step 2

Upload the video to YouTube (we recommend setting the video as unlisted so only those with access to your link can view it).

Don’t forget to include your YouTube link by Sunday 30 April 2023, at 23.59 CET. You can expect an answer from us within a few weeks. We may contact you for a quick chat to help us make our final decision.

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