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benefits and opportunities of eyca card
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Agenzija Zghazagh, as the national youth agency in Malta is always identifying ways to create inititiatives that allow young people to receive reliable information, reach their needs and more over promote initiatives that encourage youth to be actively involved.

Amongst the projects Agenzija Zghazagh runs, young people have the possibility to follow a live online programme, ‘Insta Point’, which features various guest deriving from different walks of life, who along with the host , one of Agenzija Zghazagh’s youth worker Roderick Borg, they discuss and delve into different youth oriented topics.

During one of Insta Point’s features, Mr Mark Borg ( member of previous EYCA Youth Panel ) and Mr Manel Sanchez ( EYCA Director) were invited to share with the viewers their journey within the EYCA EU network. Mark, shared his experience as a member of the EYCA youth panel whilst also explained what the main function of the youth panel is. Mr Sanchez , gave a wide and clear picture of the aims and objects of the European Youth Card Association.

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