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Youth of Gozo
Opportunity for Gozitans to showcase their skills

Youth of Gozo was a self-expression of identity by Gozitan young people during the time of Covid-19 manifested through different talents and professions.

Every different story that was featured on a daily basis on Aġenzija Żgħażagħ Gozo Youth Service – the social media platform hosting this initiative, added another tile to the kaleidoscopic mosaic that bore the title – Youth of Gozo. This month, we featured more stories from young people who showcased various talents and professions, including a variety of musical talents such as the harmonica, violin, piano, guitar and the clarinet, artistic works, singers, hairdressing, photography, book reading, fitness and a digital artist.

With this initiative, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ aimed at empowering young people to develop their talents by using their time at home to practice their skills, gave them an opportunity to share their talent with an online community while leading by example and encouraged others to stay safe at home. Additionally, this initiative put the spotlight on young people who had never exhibited their work.

In all 68 young people participated in this project. The decision to take these narratives and put them to print was taken to preserve them as a legacy for future generations of young people interested to learn how their predecessors lived through these times.

Youth in a time of Covid-19 – Creative Pursuits of Young People in Gozo was launched on 11/8/2020 to coincide with International Youth Day 2020.

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